Astrology - SCORPIO

Astrology - SCORPIO October 23rd - November 21st

The zodiacal sign of Scorpio commences on October 23rd, but for seven days, being overlapped by the "cusp" of the previous sign, it does not come into full power until on or about October 28th. From this date onwards it is in full strength until November 21st and then for seven days gradually loses its strength on account of being overlapped by the "cusp" of the incoming sign "Sagittarius".

The sign of Scorpio is represented by two symbols, that of scorpion and the eagle. Scorpions are tireless workers as well as incredible extremists. They work very hard-sometimes too hard-trying to control their emotions. They know that admitting their true feelings means that, in addition to expressing love, they must also confront the accompanying jealousy, pain and anger. They are often great humanitarians with great plans for making the world right. They nearly always lead double lives- one for the eyes of the world and another for themselves. Their worst fault is that they are too adaptable to the people with whom they come in contact. They are mental fighters and most subtle in arguments. They are inclined to be selfish and to sacrifice everything to the need of the moment but if they succeed there are no people more generous in paying back tenfold for any help they may have received. With their strong magnetic influence they possess generally a strange psychological power over others; they make natural healers, for they give of their great vitality to others. Scorpions are amazing workaholics, and the more challenges they accept the more outlets they will have for all their energy. They are extremely determined, business - oriented,  and posses a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. They are generally loved and adored by those who know them but there are very few born under this sign who at some stage in their career escape being attacked by calumny of scandal. Their need to communicate and form relationships is expressed not only through business dealings but through their sometimes insatiable sexuality.They have deep intuition, powerful emotions and extremely high standards which they set for themselves and others. With difficult aspects, they can be ruthless and relentless in achieving their goals. To this end, there is a self-destructive tendency which can result in alcohol and drug abuse.

In their home life the men are inclined to be dogmatic and expect to rule; but their influence over women is so great that they are almost always forgiven. The sex quality is an enormous factor in their lives. They usually marry well-they often gain riches by marriage.

They as a rule experience the most unusual "ups and down" of fortune. They are inclined to be too trustful and over-hopeful. They are also over-generous and inclined to be too lavish in their expenditure.

They make money by their mental abilities but they seldom can hoard it up to any great extent. They generally have two sources of income. And as a rule they go through a great deal of trouble, difficulty in their early years and such trials increase their will-power and ambition and sooner or later success and fame nearly always crown their efforts.

Scorpios has a direct connection to sex and sin, hatred and revenge, and lust for power and wealth. A Scorpio can be as cunning as a serpent, as quick as a panther, as revengeful as the elephant! Associated with murder, poisoning, rape, financial wizardry, spying, blackmail and intrigue, it is best not to rub him up the wrong way.